【Human rights of Employees】

Human rights management

In accordance with the norms of the United Nations International Labour Organization, in order to implement and promote human rights management, friendly workplace training (sexual harassment prevention) is given in the hew hire orientation training at the on board day; the training and testing of RBA responsible business Alliance and the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct are arranged in the monthly training of newcomers which provides staff guidelines to protect the human rights of employees, respecting the international community as understood by employees.

In the internal documents such as "Sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Measures", "Working Rules", and "Management Measures for Staff Recruitment and Employment", the human rights of employees are clearly declared, from compliance with regulations, employment freedom, no child labor, no forced labor, Humane treatment, prohibition of improper discrimination and sexual harassment, respect for employment freedom, all work is voluntary, no slavery and human trafficking. Employees are not discriminated against because of their skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, pregnancy, beliefs, political affiliation, community members or marital status; promoting a friendly workplace, respecting themselves and others, and avoiding any kind of sexual harassment. Beside the relevant policies, there are sexual harassment prevention and grievance lines and E-Mail accounts for employees to complain.

Legal employment

In Winstek RBA Management Committee's operating procedures and internal policies, it’s clearly banned the use of child labor. Employees are required to provide their identification document to the company for review to ensure that there are no omissions. In the 2018 audit statistics, no child labor was found.

Performances of Winstek's Human Rights Indicators

Item Content Goal 2018
Child Labor Do not use child labor. Workers under the age of 18 (young workers) may not engage in work that may endanger health or safety, including night duty or overtime No employment of child labor No employment of child labor
Non-Discrimination Number of discriminatory disputes No instance of discrimination No instance of discrimination
Freedom of Association Operations identified with material risks of violating the freedom of association and collective bargaining No prohibition on association No prohibition on association
Forced Labor Operations identified with material risks of forced or compulsory labor disputes and measures that help prevent forced or compulsory labor No forced or compulsory labor No forced or compulsory labor