【Occupational health and safety】

Access control

A、Access control
1. The employees enter the entrances must use ID card to swipe card.
2. Enter the W/H and MIS area, only the responsible person of the department, and should be use ID card and PIN code to access in and out.
3. WST have 24 hours CCTV monitor to monitor the whole process of production line and staff entrances. The monitor records should be reserved at least 30 days. Image Description

B、Visitors and employees security
1. Visitors , vendors and forwarders should change the “Entry Permit” Card with personal ID(with personal photo) at the guard room, and fill the “register of visitor” table for sign-in/out.
2. Vendors should wear the “Entry Permit” Card all the times when they are within the site area.
3. Before entering the office area, visitors should fill in visitor belongings register form (with sign-in/out) and change “Visitor Permit” Cardby “Entry Permit” Card at the front desk in lobby.
4. Visitors should be escorted by employees in the office at all times. Non-employees must sign-in/out at the front Desk and wear “Visitor Permit” Cardwhile in the building.

C、Vehicle control
1. When visitors leave the factory with cars, the guard will ask the visitor to open the trunk or car door to inspect whether they take out the suspicious articles without registration or permission.
2. Employee’s cars should be applied the “parking permit”.

Fire management

The fire protection of the company includes: sprinkler system, fire alarm system, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system, VESDA system, hydrant and other hardware facility.

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Safety and health of rules

Safety and health practices cover elements such as manuals, procedures, work instructions, and safety work practices forms etc. The manual clearly states the overall safety and health goals and commitments to improve safety and health performance. The procedures, work instructions, and codes of practice to provide as operational standards. The form is basis for continuous improvement based on inspection results.

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Chemical management

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Response protection

1. Fire and earthquake drills for twice a year.
2. Medical services, ERT training and evacuation drills for every year.
3. Road traffic safety promotion for irregular.

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1.New staff training: workers required to undergo hazard training courses. 2.Professional training: relevant professionals provide pre-employment professional training courses / certification course. 3.Professional certificate training: Specific professional operators must obtain a training certificate and receive regular external re-training course from the company.

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Contractor management

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Automation inspection

Internal inspection: By employees periodic inspection and maintenance equipment on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
External inspection: By 3rd party laboratory periodic inspection and maintenance equipment on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

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Excellent award

For the sixth consecutive year, Winstek has been awarded the “Excellent” imperial awards by the Hsinchu County Civil Defense Corps for the training of the Hsinchu County Government.

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