【Supply Chain management】

Winstek value customer satisfaction and social corporate responsibility, and works closely with suppliers to promote the concept of supply chain management to achieve the goal of sustainable management and joint promotion of social responsibility.

● Supplier Rating and Ranking

1. Regular evaluate major raw material suppliers
2. The evaluation items includes quality, delivery, cost, technology and service
3. If a supplier failed to meet the standards that need to provide the improvement plan and confirm the result.

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● Supplier Audit

1. Audit major raw material suppliers
2. Audit items includes quality system, EHS system, banned substances request and Responsible Business Alliance code of Conduct
3. Based on the audit found, the supplier with missing needs to provide an improvement plan and confirm its effectiveness, the non-improvement will be disqualified

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● Supplier Consultation and Training.

Conduct supplier conferences to promote quality/EHS Policy, Banned material request and Responsible Business Alliance code of Conduct

Green Supply Chain <<
Winstek is committed to the development of green products, in 2010, was awarded Sony "Green Partner" certificate, officially become Sony Green Supply chain Partners!

1. Green procurement
Continuous promotion of "green procurement", raw materials suppliers must provide third-party impartial units of testing certificates, such as the European Union RoHS, REACH, etc., to ensure that their products do not contain hazardous substances harmful to the environment, (compliance with Winstek’s document of G-ES-018 attachment 9.1 regards to environment and material control ) to ensure that products meet the requirements of customers and relevant international laws and regulations.

2. Green certification
Fully demonstrate the ability to manage hazardous substances, collect relevant data every year, such as material test reports, to ensure that the materials provided by suppliers comply with the requirements of customers and relevant international laws and regulations.

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DRC Conflict-Free <<
Winstek is committed to support and subscribe to the use of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Conflict-Free Minerals which include gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and tin (Sn). “DRC Conflict-Free” is defined to mean products that do not contain conflict minerals or their derivatives determined to be directly or indirectly financing or benefiting armed groups in the DRC or adjoining country (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Central African Republic).

Winstek has established and implemented procedures to comply with this policy. Winstek request all suppliers to undertake reasonable due diligence within their supply chain to ensure that the minerals are not being sourced from mines in conflict areas. Suppliers are required to source minerals from any current published list of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) audited smelters.

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