【Corporate Social Responsibility】

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1. Committee introduction

The Winstek Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is the main work decision-making and promotion unit of the company's corporate social responsibility. It is composed of members appointed by various departments. The committee's powers and responsibilities are as follows:
● Establish CSR policies.
● Review the operation of CSR management system.
● Review the objectives, strategies and action plans of CSR policies and track the progress of each program.
● Supervise various communication plans of stakeholders.

2. Committee members’ job description

● Convene and chair the CSR Committee.
● Committee meetings held every half year or irregularly as needed.
● Decide on the issues discussed at the meeting.
● Represent the CSR Committee to issue relevant policies and implementation goals to company's employees.
● Report to the board of directors at least once a year.
● Attend the committee to discuss the proposals put forward by the various work implementation teams.
● Assist various work teams to supervise their departments to complete various projects.

3. Work promotion group

In order to effectively achieve the CSR goal, four work promotion groups are set up under the CSR Committee, and members are composed of members. The main duties and responsibilities of each group are as follows:

Working team Executive focus
A. Business management group To discuss the issues that must be faced and considered by the company for sustainable development and strengthening the company's system, in order to make decisions for the CSR committee, and to maintain the trust relationship between the company and the above-mentioned interested parties, to reach the shareholders of the company and the government authorities’ expectations of operating, continous profitability and steady growth.
B. Supplier management group For the company's customers, contractors and suppliers to discuss the relevant CSR issues, such as customer relations, labor safety, human rights protection, etc., to use the company's influence to promote the industry's focus on the supply chain.
C. Social participation group ● Providing a safe and harmonious working environment and protecting employees' rights, and providing professional skills training and planning for future career development, so as to maintain good labor relations and enable employees to contribute to the company's sustainable management.
● Actively cooperate with relevant education or social groups, and combine their own professional knowledge to propose ways to help society to fulfill the company’s responsibility as a social citizen.
D. Environmental sustainability group ● Integrate internal environmental protection measures and regularly track the implementation results of relevant departments.
● Follow environmental regulations and strive to improve the efficiency of energy and resource utilization.
● Avoid polluting water, air and land, and adopt appropriate pollution prevention measures.

4. Work plan and execution

Working team 2019 work plan 2018 Implementation situation
A. Business management group Continue to strengthen the operation of the board of directors, and improve in the disclosure of information, transparency of financial reporting, internal control check, operational efficiency, etc. At the same time, we must strive to improve the operation of corporate social responsibility. Continue to improve the corporate governance system and conduct self-inspection, strengthen the legal compliance awareness of the colleagues and the supervision and management of the subsidiaries and strengthen the communication and feedback on the corporate social responsibility operation and related issues of the interested parties, so as to achieve the shareholders' decent management and continuous profitability and expectations for steady growth. The company has entered the list of top 20% in the third and fourth corporate governance evaluations.
B. Supplier management group ● Request major raw material suppliers to meet RBA requirements.
● RBA advocacy for major raw material suppliers to confirm that suppliers are fully aware and able to meet requirements.
● Conducting appraisal and regular on-site audits for major raw material suppliers on a quarterly basis, achieving a rate of 100%.
● The raw material supplier is required to provide the test certificate of the third impartial unit to determine that the materials used meet the requirements of the European Chemicals Regulatory Directive (REACH), and the achievement rate is 80%.
C. Social participation group In terms of education and culture.
1. Provide school summer internship opportunities and cooperative education internships for students to practice semiconductor industry activities.
2. The "Hope to Read" program, which gives books to the primary schools every year, opens the window of hope for the future of children who are reading on remote district.
Social care
1. Care for the vulnerable: Each season, we invite the "CHILDREN ARE US BAKERY" to sell bread in the factory, help the mentally retarded children, cooperate with the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation to promote the charity sale (agricultural products), and set up an invoice raising box in the factory to participate in the “Donate invoices and save P.V.S. people”. At the end of the year, the welfare committee will hold a charity sale and spread the love. The charity sale will be donated to the "Taiwan Fund for Children and Families" and the SHIH GUANG Educational and Nursing Institution.
2. The Society of Wilderness "Clean the Beach" activities, participate in the cleaning of our beach, from the common monitoring and recording of marine debris, and then understand the impact of marine debris on the ecological and environmental issues.
In terms of education and culture.
Procide school summer internship opportunities, allowing students to actually operate semiconductor industry activities.
Social care
Long-term promotion of the love activities, each season invites the "CHILDREN ARE US BAKERY" to sell bread inside the factory, set up invoice collection box in the factory, and participate in the “Donate invoices and save P.V.S. people” public welfare activities, by the end of the year the welfare committee will hold a charity sale and spread the love. The charity sale will be donated to the "Taiwan Fund for Children and Families" and the SHIH GUANG Educational and Nursing Institution.
D. Environmental sustainability group 1. Establish environmental management objectives, reduce the impact of production activities on the environment and personnel safety, and commit to continuous improvement and pollution prevention. 2. Continue to establish greenhouse gas inventory emissions statistics. 3. Reduce the impact of products on the environment and enhance product competitiveness. 1. Regular maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment functions, analysis and monitoring of discharge water and exhaust gas treatment equipment functions. 2. Implementing greenhouse gas inventory emissions statistics to understand greenhouse gas emissions. 3. Executive Environmental and Safety Management Plan.