【Quality Policy】

We are committed to deliver best-in-class services to our customers and continually improve our operational excellence.

【Hazardous Substance Policy】

We are committed to provide products that is “free of Hazardous Substance” to our customers, and continually improve our operational excellence.

Globalization and rapid advances in technology have made today's manufacturing environment increasingly competitive. To be a premier solutions provider in delivering the best in class service, we stay focused on better design and processes and we strive to deliver a consistent level of service with consistent product performances across all our factories. 

Our Commitment 

At Winstek Semiconductor, we believe that quality is every employee's job and permeates every business process. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in quality, service and value. There is no finish line. We press forward relentlessly through continuous improvements. 

Quality Principles

Continuous improvement and meeting customers' demand for best quality products and services are utmost to a company's sustained growth and its success in this highly competitive marketplace and extremely fast-paced semiconductor industry.

At Winstek Semiconductor, we believe:

1. Quality is a value to promote 
2. Quality is by choice 
3. Excursions are preventable 
4. Problems can be prevented from occurring and/or recurring