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Shareholders Operation Status
Business Performance
Corporate Governance
Dividend Policy
Company Sustainable Development Strategy Law Compliance

Contact Window: Spokesman - Kevin Liu(03-5936565*133)

Hold an annual shareholders' meeting


The company holds an annual shareholders' meeting to notice all shareholders to attend the meeting to understand the company's operating conditions.

The company disclosed the immediate and matter information on MOPS and holding one domestic investor conference session

Post matter information on MOPS


The company will disclose the immediate and matter information on MOPS.

The company disclosed the immediate and matter information on MOPS

Regularly issue quarterly financial statements and annual reports

Quarterly /Yearly

The company regularly issues quarterly financial statements and annual reports for investors to read to understand the company's financial status.

Announcement at the Company website and MOPS

Company website and MOPS


Company website has been set up and well maintained. Financial and Corporate Governance information will be disclose on the website upon occurrence.

Announcement at the Company website and MOPS

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Contact Window: HR- Nicolas Liao(03-5936565*160)


Regularly update our HR related information, such as Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development & our retirement system.

Update our HR related information for activities and recruitment;

Labour Conference


The company conduct the quarterly Labor Conference with labor representatives voted by election and discuss labor related issue with meeting minutes.

The company conducted the quarterly Labor Conference with labor representatives at the 3rd month of each quarter.

Labour Relations  

Employee advice box, complaints E-mail


The company set up the employee advice boa to collect feedback & ideas for company operation & management, equipment, benefits; and publish the appeal phone number & email address on Bulletin boards.

None employee advice via these channels.

Bulletin boards (including electronic bulletin board)


There are Bulletin boards at 1F, 4F & Canteen to announce the newest information, employees can read these on our internal portal website as well.

48 announcements on our internal portal website as well in this year, includes CSR activities.

Commission for gender equality


Based on friendly workplace guideline, the Company set up the appeal mail address: HR@winstek.com.tw

Conducted the annual E-learning training for the friendly workplace guideline, zero case reported this year.

Employees forum


HR conduct quarterly communication sessions with each Departments staff to listen and understand employees requirement and feedback.

HR conduct 22 quarterly communication sessions with around 800 participants from different departments.

Employee welfare committee meeting


Employee welfare committee conduct quarterly meeting to discuss & organize benefit activities once decided.

Employee welfare committee conducted quarterly meeting to organize benefit activities and CSR activities in Christmas.

Employee consulting and counseling


HR provide an open environment to communicate with employees; and conduct three times of monthly interview with new hires to understand their learning and adaption status.

HR conducted monthly care interview with 72 new hires and 11 employees in job rotation; we also conducted 22 interviews with section manager to provide management feedback or communication skill assistance.

Learning and    Development

Employee performance & learning development interview


Via the annual performance evaluation, managers have interviews with subordinates on their performance status and development requirement based on the next year KPI plan to enhance work skills.

Conducted "Performance management and interview training for new promotion of section manager in November to enhance the ability of goal setting, interview and performance improvement.

Proposals for improvement


Based on respect & open communication, the company collect proposals for improvement via employee advise box and quarterly communication sessions and conduct related improvements.

We replies and completed 49 proposals for toilets, canteen, re-creation room... etc.; Go live for the update of Personal Information in BPM system to no use of paper and protect personal information.

Annual training assessments


After conducting the annual training requirement survey and interview with Department managers, the Company announce the annual training plan to enhance employees' competences. Employees can apply the external training based on job duty required.

We conducted 387 training and 6874 participants with average 90.2% of satisfaction rate; these are 112 external trainings with 181 participants with 78.8 % of satisfaction rate.

Health and Safety

Safety and health advisory


EHS department occasionally conduct the test of safety & hygiene, and execute annual EHS training, such as Evacuation exercises, protective equipment certification training and civil defense training (including disaster rescue, emergency rescue, fire fighting training).

We conducted 7 training: Evacuation exercises, protective equipment, medical services and civil defense training, the total training hours is 13 and 804 participants.

Customer Customer Service

Contact Window: Account Management - Chao Liang (03-5936565*616)


The company communicate requirement and evaluation items with customers via Quarterly Business Review.

●Regular quarterly review is conducted with customer to review performance in the area of technology, operations, quality & service

  Green Products

Customer satisfaction survey


The supplier of the raw materials must provide the test certificate of the third party impartial unit, such as the EU RoHS, REACH, etc., to ensure that the product does not contain banned environmentally hazard substances, to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the customer and relevant international laws and regulations.

●All material suppliers are compliance to regulation of RoHS, REACH, etc. and ensure no hazardous element is used and customer products are comply with relevant international regulation

Suppliers Supply Chain management

Contact Window: Procurement - Jamie Chang (03-5936565*150)


Supplier Rating and Ranking.

Carried out supplier ranking quarterly on year 2019 and the index of supplier can meet Winstek request.

Management of   hazardous substances

Supplier audit


Supplier Audit.

Audited 10 suppliers on year 2019, and no major defect to be found on supplier's audit.

Purchasing Policy
Compliance and Ethics
Business Performance

Agreements conference


Supplier Consultation and Training.

Held supplier conference in 6th, Nov. and declare the Winstek 's quality policy, SONY GP and RBA request.

Government Law Compliance

Contact Window: Administration - Terry Tsai (03-5936565*108)

Participating government forum


Participating government forum once receive the notice or information and execute the related requests.

Participated the environmental protection law promotion meeting 5 times.

Environmental Protection

Air pollution, wastewater and waste declaration


EHS department regularly conduct Air pollution, wastewater and waste declaration, and ensure the result compliance with legislation request.

Regularly declare air pollution control records and obtain consent for future reference. Regularly declare water pollution inspection records and obtain approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. The waste output is declared, and there is no abnormal situation.

Corporate Governance

Document exchanges


Each department will discuss, reply to the official documents and implement the action plan needed.


Community Operation Status

Contact Window: Spokesman - Kevin Liu(03-5936565*133)

Company website and MOPS


The company provide quarterly financial statements, annual reports and shareholder meeting information under the Investor item of the company's website.

The company disclosed the immediate and matter information on MOPS and holding one domestic investor conference session

Environmental Protection

Environmental monitoring information


Government units regularly inspect 2-3 air pollution indexes and wastewater testing, and the company meets the standards every year.

The air pollution test results meet the emission standards. The wastewater test results meet the discharge water standards.

Corporate Social

Hold CSR-related activities


CSR Committee regularly discuss CSR issue & activities to take care the disadvantaged groups, environmental protection and help remote area's education with our efforts.

We conducted 8 CSR activities, such as quarterly "CHILDREN ARE US BAKERY" Charity sales, "Share knowledge sharing love" for second hand books donation, Clean beach…etc.